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Angelo Delaney Jackson, A Poet on Skid Row

Angelo Delaney Jackson is a quiet soul. At first, intimidating in his silent, large stature. But if you stay beyond that impression, you find a joyful spirit is found in the crevices of his daily life. Angelo has a complex family life, but treads through the passages of living on the streets with his written songs and poetry. A weathered lyricist, Angelo’s rhythmic words, spun with acapella melodies place you in a small circle of hope even whilst sitting on the sidewalk of crack alley on Skid Row. He has been writing for a long time now, trying to work towards an album, even while living on the streets. I loved hearing how he had ambitions and dreams even while in the midst of his situation.

The symbol in the top right is a tattoo he has on his cheek. It is Hebrew for “Jehovah.” Most Orthodox icons have symbols like this, telling who the person is or something about them, often stylized as shown below.

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